October 18, 2009

Natural Immune Boosters

Giving your immune system a natural boost around flu season is never a bad idea, luckily there are many easy ways to accomplish just that. Taking good care of your body, mind and spirit as a whole can have tremendous benefits. Getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of good water and breathing properly are a few easy and effective ways to give yourself a boost. Boosts are also readily available from eating well, provide your body with the vitamins, minerals & essential fats it needs to stay strong. Combine that great nosh with a strong digestive system that is able to assimilate all those nutrients and you are on your way!

Address the amount of stress in your life, chronic stress can lead to many problems, a weak immune system is one of them. Stay away from toxins such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, they interfere with absorption of vitamins and minerals therefore weakening the immune system. Keeping an eye on your sugar intake has benefits as well, too much sugar impairs lymphatic activity and the body's ability to engulf and destroy bacteria. Green and yellow vegetables have the opposite effect, and they are plentiful this season. These tasty veggies help support the thymus gland and the lymphatic system.

Remember to laugh! "Laughter is the best medicine". Moving your body = exercising your lymphatic system. So pull out the twister mat, your immune system will thank you!