May 13, 2009

Banff & Biking

I do apologise for my little hiatus from blogging. I took some time to go visit my sister in the Rockies, which also used to be my seasonal stomping ground for nearly 7 years. It was lovely to go back, although I took a slight temperature hit as I left Vancouver's blossoms for Banff's scattered flurries. Still, the mountains there are glorious - and I had a few really warm blue bird days while I was there. (*Blue Bird - Albertan terminology for "not a cloud in the sky"...)
Aside from a great visit with my sis, I spent time hiking through the forest, went for an epic bike ride with a couple of my closest friends, got a fantastic haircut and took a vacation from cooking for myself! Banff is lovely. If you haven't been - you must go. With no PST it is quite affordable and has a small town charm that I feel Whistler lacks (maybe I'm just Banff Bias ;-)
There are some great hikes close to town as well as hundreds throughout in the national park. 3 local mountains to ski/snowboard, amazing resteraunts (The Bison is a personal fave) there are oodles of places to stay, even a castle ;-)

Coming home to Vancouver, I felt rejuvenated from all the fresh air and good mountain life. I arrived back just in time for "bike to work week" although I am happy to report I ride my bike to work everyday, rain or shine :) One less car on the road, a time & money saver - if you don't bike, you should... I love it!

Bike to work week wraps up tonight with a fun and free BBQ at scienceworld hosted by the Vancouver Area Cycyling Coalition. Kicking off at 4pm, the bbq will include free food, entertainment by peddle powered amps, and a chance to meet thousands of cyclists from around the city. See you there!

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