November 03, 2009

Load up on Vitamin L!

Now is as good a time as any to load up on vitamin L. This essential vitamin is proven to increase giggling, improve positive thinking and huggability. This vitamin is particularly helpful in the recovery period of an illness or surgery, but it's use is not limited to just that. When we are healing it is important to heal the entire body, not just the physical ailments, but also the mind and spirit, vitamin L has all those benefits. As a little girl I believed that my Grandma had magical healing powers. I still believe that to this day but with the understanding that love has a lot to do with those "magical powers". I know now that it wasn't just the vicks vapor rub that made me feel better, it was the heart of the loving hands that applied it. Taking care of ourselves often involves taking care of each other, inevidably that produces vitamin L and a companion on the path to wellness.

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