December 08, 2009

Wrap up some love!

My favorite gifts are always ones that come from the heart, whether it’s a hand written letter or a warm knit scarf, the gifts that are given with love are the most memorable to me. I like to keep in mind that giving gifts during the holidays is only one way of showing those we care about that we appreciate them. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on frivolous gifts has nothing to do with the spirit of giving, while on the other hand trying to give on a budget can be tricky…but it can also be a ton of fun. One year we brewed a huge pot of homemade chai, bottled it, wrapped the bottles with red bows and gave it to our friends, they have since brought back those bottles for a refill and our house smelled lovely for days! These are the sort of things that get me excited around the holidays. We’ve also done the same thing with home baked candies and Christmas treats. Even something as simple as making a frozen dinner with the food you have already prepared (coming from a big family I always have leftovers) and giving that to someone who may not be able to cook for themselves or not have the time to. If working in the kitchen isn’t your forte, you could use any of your natural talents to bring out your inner Elf! Maybe you have a knack for gardening and have a friend who would love you to share some helpful tips or better yet, lend a hand getting their garden going! If you can knit you could keep all your friends and family cozy and warm this winter with a scarf or mittens. You may also consider giving your time, you may have an elderly relative or friend that would love someone to go for walks with, or have a movie night with, something like that would benefit both of you. Whatever you end up giving if it comes from the heart you have successfully shared the holiday spirit!

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