April 20, 2010

My thoughts on what makes a "Healthy Pregnancy"

What makes for a “healthy pregnancy”? In my mind it starts before baby is even conceived. If a baby is on the horizon why not start treating your body with extra TLC now? Preparing your body for pregnancy can be very beneficial for both you and baby. Keeping a good balance of a fresh wholesome diet, movement or exercise that you enjoy, and nourishing the spirit are all great ways to begin this remarkable journey.

Pregnancy has many surprises, physical and emotional so the more in touch you are with yourself the better. Being able to listen to your body is fundamental. The day to day changes that happen during pregnancy are momentous even when they are microscopic…you are growing a human being!

Growing a human can take its toll on your body so be gentle with yourself. If you are feeling tired during the day and are still working start to unwind earlier in the evening, maybe start your bedtime routine earlier and include some relaxing movements like light stretching or yoga to quiet both your mind and your body. The main thing is to listen to what your body is telling you before it has to “yell” to get your attention. Everything from changing the way you eat from three main meals a day to smaller snacks throughout the day to curb nausea to taking time out with your partner for a “date night” before baby comes will attribute to your well being as a Mama-to-be.

Nourish your spirit, enjoy your growing belly, and embrace your beautiful bountiful body! Find things that make you happy. For instance, I’ve found a prenatal yoga class that I look forward to all week, I’ve also rekindled my love for swimming, and the weightlessness is magical! Whether it’s brunch with girlfriends, or an evening moonlit walk with your partner, explore for yourself what makes you feel good. Prenatal massage can do wonders for a tired or stressed Mama-to-be. A happy Mama = a happy baby! Treating yourself with tenderheartedness will relate directly to what your baby feels, baby will be aware of the warmth and generosity you give yourself so let it be limitless!

Seeking the right support for you is essential. Having a support system in place for your pregnancy and birth that you can trust is imperative, after all, you’ll only be pregnant with this baby once, and you will only birth this baby once. If you live in B.C. you have many choices when it comes to finding the right caregiver whether that be a Midwife, a Doctor or an Obstetrician. And what about a Doula, a sister or a friend to help you and your partner through the pregnancy and birth? Spend some time researching your options, and just think of how much time you spent planning the details of your wedding or the amount of time you put into researching your new car or home. The same due diligence is heeded for your pregnancy and birth. Having people around you that you can trust and who respect you and your choices is a breeding ground for happiness! Trust in your ability to nurture your growing baby.

To all of the Mamas-to-be reading this…There are wise healthy women like yourself all over the world celebrating the miracles of life that are flourishing inside of them, I encourage you to join them!

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