May 10, 2010

Eat Fresh

The optimal combination is to be eating fresh local organic produce. Farmers markets are now in full swing around the city and provide us urbanites with the opportunity to eat from the farm. For locations around the city and beyond check out:

You may even want to start growing your own food! Imagine…eating food that YOU GREW! Wake up your “inner farmer” and celebrate mother earth by creating your own patch of eden. Even if your space is limited you might surprise yourself at how much you can get out of a small space. Look for helpful tips online or pick up a copy of Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler.

Another option is to apply with a CSA, community-shared agriculture program. These programs share the bounty and the risk of a harvest between farmer and consumer. Most CSAs put together a box of fresh local produce every week, depending on the harvest, and either have a pick up site or a delivery system. The cost of CSAs varies from farm to farm; a deposit or full payment is taken in the spring once the share is purchased.

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