March 13, 2009

Lucky 13

Typically, Friday the 13th is a day we associate with bad luck, but as this one falls just around the corner from St.Patty's Day - I'd like to think we have the luck of the Irish on our side. Whether fortune favors you or not, keeping a positive attitude will help you generate your own "pot of gold" so to speak. Manifest your own luck using these 4 principals:
1. Pay attention to your intuition.
2. Be resilient, even when bad luck strikes. Seeing the positive and realising things could have been worse, helps turn bad luck into good.
3. Don't be afraid to disrupt your daily routine and create more fortuitous happenings.
4. Always expect a positive outcome.

So trust your instincts, find hidden benefits in a setback, take a different route to work, and expect the best -- You might just get lucky :)

Weekend Events

Farmers Market
The Wise Hall 10am - 2pm
1882 Adanac Street
The Farmers Market is a great opportunity to support BC Farmers, sustain our land, our community, and our homes. Get ready to Spring Cleanse this week by cutting back on processed and refined foods, sugar, flours and caffeine. Pick up some fresh local produce to nourish all the creative ideas and energy you'll be soon be blossoming!

Roga (2 of my fave things, Reggae & Yoga)
East Side Yoga 1707 Grant St.
Sunday Evening 7:15 - 8:45
Relax and recharge for the week ahead doing Yin yoga by candlelight. Reggae rhythms keep you present as you stimulate your Qi using long held seated poses.

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