April 15, 2009

Cherry Blossoms!

The trees are budding and the sun is hanging out longer each day, it seems our city is coming back to life. I think we can all agree that once the cherry blossoms begin to flower, we feel a little more vibrant and thankful we've made it through another winter. Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival includes some cool events as well as an annual Haiku contest. Check out this map for a list of all the great streets home to cherry trees, and take an afternoon bikeride or stroll to admire beauty that only comes this time of year! If you have a stressful day, try to take 5 to take in some of the pink flowers, according to the psychology of colour, pink is said to induce tranquility and calmness - as well it is associated with selfless love. Enjoy some flickr faves of this celebrated spring flower, and some 2009 winning Haiku's!

the more I have
the less I need—
cherry blossoms!
Aurora Antonovic
Tecumseh, Ontario

just a petal
the mountain vanishes
into pink air
Jill Stanley
Victoria, British Columbia

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