April 07, 2009

Get Crackin'

Let those glorious days earlier this week be just a taste of what's in store for us this summer! Fingers crossed! This weekend is Easter long weekend. Toni & Guy are hosting a fabulous easter egg hunt around our fine city. It should be a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy some spring time in our city and eat some chocolate bunnies.

Or maybe you'll be making your own eggs...

Perfect Hard Boiled Ruby Eggs
Place 6 eggs (or as many that will fit in a single layer to cover the bottom of a pot)
Cover with water plus an inch.
Bring the water to boil on HIGH.
Prepare the ice bath. This is 2 - 3 cups of ice cubes in a large bowl, filled with cold water but leaving room for the eggs.
Just as the water begins to boil, let it boil hard for 1 minute -- set the timer!
Turn off the heat (remove from the element if it's an electric stove) but do not drain.
Cover the saucepan and let sit for 10 minutes -- set the timer!
Drain the eggs and gently lower them into the ice bath. Let set 5 minutes -- set the timer!
For RUBY Eggs: soak peeled eggs in a bowl of beet juice (canned works too) for 24 hours.
Tip: The beet color starts to leech into the yolk a couple of hours after slicing so time accordingly. And because the eggs are peeled, they won't last forever like hard-cooked eggs still in their shells. I'd plan to use within 48 hours.

Credits:Vegetarian Celebrations & Veggie Venture

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